Face Detection and Recognition for Linux

Fixed a bug in the "Face" suit of tools for face detection where the export to F-Spot couldn't deal with already used names for tags. In addition to F-Spot this also exports to DigiKam (although not the full 2.x format) and the files' EXIF data. Please let me know what other exporters you would like to see – what is your favourite photo manager?
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What is it?

"Face" is a suite of programs which can find and identify faces in your images, allowing you to semi-automatically tag images containing known persons.

In concept, this is sort of similar to what you know from Facebook, Picasa or iPhoto. The main advantage over the above mentioned systems is that there is a fair chance that either this already works with your favourite photo manager (currently this would then need to be F-Spot, though), or could be very easily extended to support it (mail me about it, and I'll see what I can do about writing an exporter).


How does it work?